We have prepared a program for you to enjoy Japanese culture. Please join us.

Japanese traditional house & cultural experience tour

玄関 Entrance

日本庭園へ To the Japanese garden

横浜山手の歴史・家屋の紹介 Introduction to the history and houses of Yokohama Yamate area.

Experience drawing sand ripples on white gravel in a traditional garden.

Trees that give you a sense of spring, summer, fall, and winter.

記念撮影 Photo

屋内へ Inside

和室 Japanese traditional style room

障子・襖・欄間・床の間などの説明 Explanation of Shoji,Fusuma,ranma aud Tokonoma, etc.

本日の漆器 Today’s lacquerware

お食事 Lunch

Our menu is prepared fresh daily and aligns accordingly with the Japanese seasonal harvest.

お抹茶 Tea time with matcha

Please choose your favorite tea bowl and enjoy hot matcha tea.

About 3 hours.
From 2 people up to 8 people.
33,000 yen per person (including tax and service charge).